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Size: Small 125%

Bring your favorite Pokémon to life with this unique 3D printed Eevee!
This adorable Eevee is the perfect companion for any Pokémon fan. With his cheerful brown coat, cream collar and tail, white eyes and black accents, he is unmissable.

Eevee is available in two sizes:

  • Large 250%: This Eevee is a real eye-catcher and looks perfect in any room. With a height of 21.7 cm and a weight of 600 grams, he is an impressive figure. The printing time was no less than 4 days, resulting in a beautifully detailed image.
  • Small 125%: This Eevee is perfect to take with you or as a decoration on your desk. With a height of 11 cm, it is compact but still a real eye-catcher.

Made from high-quality, European-produced filament, this Eevee is not only nice to look at, but also durable.

Size Large 250% Length: 31.5 cm
Width: 23.3 cm
Height: 21.7 cm
Size Small 125% Length: 15 cm
Width: 11.8 cm
Height: 11 cm

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