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Jigglypuff Pokeball: The perfect companion for fun-loving adventurers!
Are you looking for a charismatic companion who will fill your adventure in the Pokémon world with a touch of melody and fun? Then look no further than the Jigglypuff Pokeball! This 3D printed masterpiece is more than just an eye-catcher; it is a symbol of joy, optimism and the power of music.

A singing start:
The Jigglypuff Pokeball is filled with the energy of the cheerful Jigglypuff, a Pokémon known for its pink, round appearance, its beautiful singing voice and its ability to lull anyone to sleep with its lullaby. With his special Normal/Fairy-type moves and his unique ability to charm, Jigglypuff is the perfect partner for trainers who value fun and harmony.

Unique and personalized:
Each Jigglypuff Pokeball is 3D printed with precision and care, using high-quality materials that will last. The unique texture and finish of the 3D print give the Pokeball an extra dimension that you will not find with mass-produced items.


PLA (biodegradable plastic)


approx. 12 cm high


approx. 200 grams

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