The use of bump caps!

Het gebruik van stootdoppen! - Frylics

When using acrylic cases to protect your Pokémon collection, for example, bump caps play an essential role. These small accessories are intended to increase the stability of the case and at the same time prevent the bottom of the case from being scratched or damaged. Plexiglass is an incredibly strong but sensitive material.

If bump caps are required, they will be supplied with your order in a striking orange bag. Don't know whether your product comes with bump caps? View the product page! At the bottom of the product specifications it is stated whether this includes bump caps. Is this not there? Then these are not necessary.

Adding bump caps to an acrylic case is a practical step to ensure your belongings are properly protected. This allows you to place your valuable items in the case with confidence, knowing that they are not only safe, but also optimally supported. In this way, every detail contributes to the sustainability and visual appeal of your collection.

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