B2B & Large quantities


Are you a company based in the Netherlands?
Please include your Chamber of Commerce and VAT number in the notes. I will check this and then issue an invoice.

Are you a company not located in the Netherlands?
Please note that the system currently does not automatically handle business purchases from abroad that require a 0% invoice.

If you need a 0% invoice for your company, I kindly ask you to contact us first. This way I can collect the necessary information and process your order manually to ensure everything is handled accurately.

I also welcome companies that are interested in larger purchases. If your company would like to qualify for special price agreements for larger orders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for understanding!

Consumer but interested in a large(r) purchase?:

Are you considering providing your entire collection with acrylic cases? That's fantastic! If you would like to place a larger order, please let me know. I may be able to arrange a better deal for you and we can discuss all the details to ensure it suits exactly what you are looking for. I'm here to help and I look forward to professionalizing your collection together.