Disney Lorcana Acrylic Cases

Disney Lorcana is a collectible card game released by Ravensburger in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company with their first release on August 18, 2023. At Frylics we jumped right into it, because you can't start protecting early enough! The first TCG sets are often the most valuable later, so it is important to provide the right protection from the start. That is why we already have several beautiful acrylic cases available.


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Acrylic cases are excellent solutions for safely storing valuable collectibles, such as Pokémon cards. These acrylic cases not only provide a beautiful presentation for your collection, but they are also designed to provide maximum protection. With their crystal clear and durable construction, acrylic cases are an ideal choice for collectors who want to protect their valuable items while maintaining a premium appearance.

Protection against damage:
One of the main benefits of acrylic cases is the excellent protection they provide against damage. Collectibles such as Pokémon cards can be vulnerable to drops, shocks and bumps. Acrylic cases act as a robust barrier between your valuable items and the outside world, making them less likely to damage. The sturdy acrylic material absorbs shock and protects your collectibles from cracks, scratches and dents that can occur during daily use or transportation.

Reduction of yellowing:
An additional advantage of acrylic cases is that they protect your collectibles from yellowing. Some materials, such as plastic, can yellow over time due to UV rays or exposure to the air. However, acrylic is resistant to yellowing and retains its clear and transparent appearance for extended periods of time. This keeps your collectibles looking fresh and new, while protecting them from the damaging effects of yellowing.

Retention of value:
Storing your collectibles in high-quality acrylic cases not only helps maintain their physical condition, but also preserves the value of your items. By presenting your valuable collection in a safe and attractive manner, you show that you care for your collection and that you recognize the importance of protecting it. This can result in increased value and attractiveness of your collectibles, especially to potential buyers or fellow collectors looking for high-quality items.

Premium appearance:
In addition to the protective benefits, acrylic cases also provide a luxurious look for your collectibles. The crystal clear acrylic material provides a crystal clear display of your items, making them stand out and admired. The sleek and modern design of acrylic cases adds a touch of elegance to your gathering space and will impress anyone who sees your collection. Whether you display your collectibles at home, at a trade show or in a store, acrylic cases give your presentation a high-quality look that emphasizes the value and importance of your collection.

Acrylic cases are the perfect choice for safely and stylishly storing collectibles such as Pokémon Booster Boxes, Elite Trainer boxes or Ultra Premium collections. With their durable construction, acrylic cases provide excellent protection against physical damage and yellowing. Plus, they help keep the value of your collectibles high and give your presentation a premium look. If you are looking for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution to protect and showcase your valuable collection, acrylic cases are the ideal choice.