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Sleeved booster packs

Do you want to store your valuable sleeved booster packs safely? As you may know, I have a custom-made acrylic case for a special 1 sleeved booster pack, click here . You can also store 48 sleeved booster packs in a Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection, click here . An article has also been written about this, further down. But! Did you know that you can fantastically display and safely store up to 5 sleeved booster packs in the Disney Lorcana Theme Deck acrylic case? See for yourself. Click here for the product.

Half Booster Box (18 Boosters)

Do you own half a booster box (18 packs) and don't know how to store it safely? Because this is a niche product, there are no acrylic cases for this. But did you know that two of these half booster boxes fit perfectly in an acrylic case for 1 regular booster box? See for yourself!

Sleeved boosterpack acryl case

Sleeved boosters storage

Did you know that sleeved booster packs fit perfectly in the Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection case? 3 rows next to each other and +/- 14 per row is good for about 42 sleeved boosters per case! That means efficient storage in a stylish way.

Celebrations UPC case
Booster Box acryl case

Create your own Booster Box

Did you know that Pokémon releases a special set every year? Unfortunately, the Booster Box is not part of the product line-up.

Do you want to create your own Booster Box from this set or do you just like to collect booster packs from different sets? You can easily do this by using the Booster Box acrylic case. Because this case is made for the regular booster boxes, it (of course) also fits 36 individual packages!

Complete your collection and store your Pokémon suits in a stylish way!

Acryl case als plantenbak

Done collecting and looking for another hobby?

Give your acrylic cases a plant-tastic makeover! Why not combine or replace your hobby with your love for plants? A little soil, a few seeds and you have your own "case-arium"! It's an irresistible mix of style and green, a winning combination! ;)

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