Second chance

Discover second-chance products with imperfections or damage at attractive prices and give these products a second life.

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What is a Second Chance product?
Frylics offers products that show minor damage but are still fully functional, so it would be a shame to throw them away. These products fall under the "second chance" category and are offered in varying degrees.

Grade B :
This is the first gradation within the category of second chance products. Grade A is not applied, because I believe that only products without any damage deserve the 'Grade A' status. A B-grade product shows at most minor imperfections on the plexiglass, such as scratches or burn spots. In addition, it may happen that one side is not glued perfectly, which may result in a slight crack. Nevertheless, the silk is firmly attached.

Grade C :
This concerns products with a break in the plexiglass. This break does not affect the protective function, but is purely cosmetic in nature. In addition, other imperfections may be present, comparable to B-grade products.

Grade D :
These are products with significantly more damage, such as two or more breaks in the plexiglass and multiple imperfections. If you are looking for a product for the lowest possible price, where the aesthetic aspect is of less importance but still offers some protection, then D-grade products may be interesting.