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Het gebruik van stootdoppen! - Frylics

The use of bump caps!

When using acrylic cases to protect your Pokémon collection, for example, bump caps play an essential role. These small accessories are intended to increase the stability of the case and at the sa...

Waarom zijn acryl cases een investering die zichzelf terugverdienen? - Frylics

Why are acrylic cases an investment that pays for itself?

It is extremely important to properly protect your Trading Card Games (TCG) collection, whether you are a seasoned card collector or just starting to collect cards. It's a smart move to invest in h...

Wat is acrylaat? En waarom is het zo populair in de TCG-wereld? - Frylics

What is acrylic? And why is it so popular in the TCM world?

Curious about the origin of acrylic and why it is so popular within the TCM world? This extraordinary material has a fascinating history and has found itself a prominent place in various aspects of...